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(What is SEO and How Do You Do It Safely?)

S.E.O is short for search engine optimization (or search engine optimisation depending on where you are from). It is the process of optimizing a web page or a web site to appear as high as possible in the Google search results. Obviously this is to try and get traffic from Google to the targeted page or site. The goal is to rank for phrases related to your website and the higher up the search rankings you are the better.

There are two parts to SEO. Firstly there is on-site optimization. This is the process of setting up your site in the best way possible to help it be relevant and of a high enough quality to rank well in the search engine results. Secondly there is off-site optimisation. This is about building links from other websites to yours. Google sees these links as a sort of recommendation that your site is of value and as such gives it a bump up the search rankings.

How to do On-site SEO

  • Relevancy
  • Navigation
  • Site speed and coding

Relevancy: For your site to rank for your target keywords it needs to appear relevant to Google. So make sure your content (in the form of text, images and videos is all on topic). Also find and link out to other quality sources of information on the subject (obviously make sure you are not in direct competition with them!)

Navigation: Make sure that your site is very easy to navigate, that you can always get back to where you started at and that it is as user friendly as possible. Also you must make sure that the site is mobile friendly and responsive to all sorts of screen sizes.

Site speed and coding: Do not overthink this one too much just make sure your site is on a decent server and that coding is setup in away that allows a decent page load speed.

How to do Off-site SEO

  • Manual link building
  • Social media
  • Business citations

Manual link building: The best way to do safe link building to your website is by doing guest blogging, we have written in details about this here.

Social media: Create accounts on all the major social media sites and then engage with people. Over time you can share links to posts on your site and this will help you to get likes and tweets etc.

Business citations: There are tons of business listing directories that you can add your site too. Most are free or very cheap and as long as they are indexed in Google (just search the main domain to find this out) then they are safe for you to add your site to them.

What NOT to do

  • Buy links
  • Use automated link-building software
  • Stuff your website with keywords

Buy links: Do not buy links to your website, it might give you a boost in rankings in the short term but in the longer term you can be sure of only one thing! A Google penalty that will destroy your rankings and make it much harder for you to re-gain them.

Use automated link-building software: Never, ever fall into this trap, it is lazy, short sighted and it could permanently destroy any chances your site has of ranking in Google. Just don’t do it EVER!

Stuff your website with keywords: Years ago this SEO tactic used to work but these days it will just get you a Google penalty. Don’t do it, it really is that simple!

A Better Philosophy Than Just SEO

While we do recommend that you do try and get better organic Google rankings we also think you should focus on the bigger picture. If you build a quality website with quality content. If you offer value to your visitors and then focus on converting them. If you do all of this you will have a much better overall philosophy AND the search engine optimization that you do on your site will be much, much more effective.

We hope this helps, please feel free to browse around the site and learn everything you need to make your site a success.

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